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Best Private Browsers for iOS


You probably already know that your web browser keeps tabs on all your mouse clicks and search terms. Sadly, browsing the internet is not always private. But there are a few can things you can change to make your digital experience safer and conceal your online habits. Having said that, a browser with built-in security protections is your best choice.

That’s why today we’ve compiled a list of the safest and most private web browsers for iOS so you can compare them and pick the one that best suits your requirements. And while all of them are good, each of them is not suitable for every use case. Keep that in mind.

Tor browser

Tor website

A modified version of Firefox set up to function on the Tor network is known as the Tor browser. The Tor browser has some drawbacks but is a safe browser that guards against browser fingerprinting by default. The Tor browser’s download speeds can be quite slow because it utilizes the Tor network, which distributes traffic over three hops. Due to script blocking, the default version can also break some websites.

And while that’s something worth noting, it’s also important to mention that Tor has a great encryption system, and its privacy settings are off the chats. It’s all about what your priorities are with this one.

Adblock Browser

Adblocker Browser website

90% of internet tracking is done through advertisements. When you click any ad or banner that pops up on a website, your IP address and location are automatically recorded. Even if you were actually being tracked, this is how you would be discovered, which is why there are so many AdBlockers available today.

One of the best iOS apps that are also a browser is definitely Adblock Browser. This browser prevents pop-ups in the form of advertisements, prevents video auto-plays, and does not save browsing information. It’s a fan favorite among iOS users, and we highly recommend it for anyone that wants the best merge of privacy and convenience.


Brave website

Brave is a Chromium-based browser that is user-friendly and was created with privacy in mind. One of the reasons people like it so much is that they don’t have to struggle with any customizing because privacy and security settings are already built in. Many people consider it to be the greatest Chrome alternative because it supports Chrome extensions.

In addition to just advertising, Brave speeds up page loading by removing advertising. However, you cannot browse without ads. Instead of displaying the real ad, Brave introduces its advertising system that displays a pop-up message. When you click it, Brave opens a new tab with the actual ad content.


LibreWolf website

An increasingly popular fork of Firefox is called LibreWolf. Delivering a browser focused on privacy, security, and freedom is one of the project’s declared objectives. It’s accessible in many desktop versions, but you can also get it for iOS if you so prefer. One negative aspect of LibreWolf we have to mention is that there are no automatic updates, so keep that in mind.

This implies that you will have to manually upgrade the browser, which is undoubtedly a disadvantage to take into account, especially if you’re concerned about convenience.


Ghostery website

You can avoid being tracked when using the Ghostery Privacy Browser to browse the web. Currently, it ranks among the top privacy-focused browser apps for both Android and iOS. Ghostery Privacy Browser takes advantage of Firefox’s Fenix to offer comprehensive features that enhance user privacy while using a mobile device.

It also combines improved online browser functionality with the cutting-edge adblocking and tracking protection of the Ghostery 8 control panel. The only thing left for you to consider is which site to visit next, now that the extra bloating has been removed for you. It’s definitely another fan favorite, but not as complex as some of our other recommendations.

Wrapping Up

To protect your data and access the web privately, you must use a secure browser that has been properly set up. The key to finding the most secure browser is figuring out which option best suits your individual requirements. We did, however, try to refrain from advocating only one choice for all use situations because this is a personal choice with somewhat arbitrary criteriaonli

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