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Reasons Why Elementor Is the Top Choice for Building a Website


WordPress was our first choice when we decided to create a website. Since we have been working with it for years, it was the most obvious pick. We also know it is the most versatile platform out there. The sky is your limit when it comes to it.

However, you need to be skilled in some coding to get good results. That wouldn’t such a problem if it didn’t require so much time and energy. A much better use for our time and energy is a plugin. We needed a plugin to streamline the creation process without wasting our resources.

Thus, we discovered Elementor. It allowed us to meet our needs and some more.

Here are the reasons why Elementor is the top choice for building a website.

Code-Free Intuitive Editor

Elementor is designed for users that have no coding knowledge. The web page editor is intuitive and easy to use. So, instead of writing code, you can drag and drop widgets directly onto the page.

They perform all of the basic tasks you would expect from a professional WordPress site. So, anything you want to put on a web page in the widget form, you can. Also, Elementor includes more than 90 individual options, from simple text blocks to login forms, photo galleries, and testimonial sliders.

What sets this editor apart from others is how customizable it is. If you want to change anything on your widgets, you can freely do so. Importantly, you can do this faster and easier than it would take to write code.

Moreover, the builder’s drag-and-drop editor is the backbone of a highly streamlined workflow. It makes everything that goes on your web page easily configurable. You can even set site-wide Global Settings that apply to each page, copying those configurations to every page on your site. Any change you make to your Global Settings will immediately reflect across your website, so you can quickly create a template and start editing from there.

Cloud Hosting

Hosting is a crucial, and oftentimes expensive decision for web creators. The more powerful your hosting solution is, the faster and more reliably your website runs. Thus, web performance directly impacts the user’s experience, so it needs to be optimized.

However, hosting service providers typically offer fixed packages to customers. You have to guess how much traffic you expect your website to receive. If you underestimate your website, performance will suffer during peak periods – which can be incredibly frustrating.

Elementor’s cloud hosting for WordPress simplifies the situation. It puts scalable, cloud-hosted server resources at your disposal. No matter the number of visitors, your server won’t falter as it delivers a winning user experience to everyone.

In addition, Elementor’s managed hosting comes with WordPress pre-installed and guaranteed compatibility with its most popular plugins. It’s a far faster and more elegant option compared to the time-consuming process of manually configuring a dedicated server.

Full Site Kits

There are tens of thousands of WordPress plugins and even more plugin developers. Most of them have websites, and many of those websites are highly optimized, well-engineered marketing platforms in their own right.

So, most website builders offer templates. They give you an easy starting point for customizing a website according to your industry and your wants. However, they lack in functionality and compatibility.

Elementor’s Full Site Kits take the concept of templates to another level. A Full Site Kit is a professionally designed, fully optimized website with placeholder text and images. Unlike a regular template, it includes backend functionality such as an e-commerce integration.

You can create, customize, and publish a comprehensive website in minutes with a Full Site Kit. Your site will have all the features you would expect from a professional brand in your industry.

Form and Popup Builders

Forms and popups are crucial marketing tools for web-based businesses. If you utilize them correctly, they will enhance the user experience and interaction with brands.

Anyone who uses a sales enablement or customer relationship management solution will have to incorporate forms into their web pages to use those solutions fully. Forms also help users communicate directly with sales and support teams. They allow these teams to categorize incoming messages.

Popups have a vital role to play as well. Triggering the right popup to display simultaneously makes the user experience more valuable. There are many you can do it, from triggering sales popups during checkouts to showcasing new features to everyday customers.

Elementor shines in both cases. It features comprehensive form and popup builders that integrate seamlessly with its drag-and-drop editor and other useful features. This makes it easy for our team to communicate with website visitors, convert them into leads, close sales, and make sure our customers are happy with their purchases.

Elementor: An Excellent Choice for Amateurs and Professionals Alike

Elementor is an excellent choice for amateur web creators and experienced professionals alike with its code-free design and highly streamlined workflow. Scalable managed hosting and a wide selection of powerful features make it an easy choice for startup leaders with ambitious goals.

You can try Elementor’s Basic for free and even publish a complete website using it. Try it out for yourself and see how useful this advanced website builder can be.

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