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Five Reasons You Need a Website for Your Business


Whether you’re new to the field or want to revamp your existing site, there are many benefits to having a website for your business.

Primarily, it is an easy way for people to find and reach you (making it simple for them to know if they like your product or service before buying).

Let’s focus on the following five reasons for having a website because it requires staying competitive in today’s market.

1) Having a Website Makes You Seem More Professional


A good website allows you to display your qualifications and skills, shows off any certifications or awards you’ve earned, and gives potential clients a direct line of communication with you.

This makes it seem like you’re more professional than someone who doesn’t have an online presence. Potential customers will be able to check out your services and products online before they ever reach out to discuss what they need to do. Zheeze companies make it easy for business owners to own websites of their own.

2) Having a Website Puts Your Name Out There

When you don’t have a website, your potential customers have no way of finding out about your business. By having an online presence, you can draw in people from all over—people who otherwise would have never heard of you. This gives your business legitimacy and makes it much easier to be taken seriously.

A website is one of those things that most businesses need but don’t necessarily want to spend money on. However, if you want to get ahead, investing in a professional-looking site is one small step that will pay off big time.

Having a website puts your name out there: When you don’t have a website, your potential customers have no way of finding out about your business.

3) Having a Website Helps People Find You

Google Map

You need to tell people where your door is to get people to your door. Having a website makes it easy for people to find you online. When potential customers are ready to buy, they won’t care how quickly you can write up an estimate—they want their questions answered.

If you don’t have a website, then those potential sales go straight into someone else’s pocket. That’s money that could grow your business and make you more money in the future. In short: having a website helps make you more money today and tomorrow.

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4) Having a Smartphone-Optimized Site Increases Mobile Traffic

If you haven’t optimized your site to mobile search yet, you’re missing out on huge opportunities. Mobile searches have steadily increased every year, and Google has made it clear that they reward mobile-friendly sites with higher rankings in search results.

With so many consumers using their smartphones to find local businesses, you need to make sure your business site is compatible with phones.

According to research from Pew Internet & American Life Project, one-third of adults use their smartphones as their primary means of accessing information online. More than half of all smartphone owners use them to get directions or find nearby restaurants and retailers.

5) Google Favors Websites Over Blogs

Google banner

More and more, people rely on Google to help them find businesses in their community. For instance, if you’re searching for a local plumber in your area, do you go to Yelp?

Probably not—you’re more likely to type plumber near me into Google and rely on the results. Likewise, many other business directories are falling out of favor, with customers increasingly relying on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! to find businesses.

This is why it’s so important to have a website for your business. It doesn’t matter how many five-star reviews you have on Yelp or how high up you rank in other online directories; if someone searches for your product or service and can’t find you online, they might assume that you don’t exist all.

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