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Five Tips and Tricks to View a Private Instagram Account


Instagram has been one of the fastest-growing social media networks since its introduction in October 2010. As of 2022, Instagram can boast over 1 billion active users. The wide acceptance of Instagram is due to many reasons, including the abundance of features on the platform. I

t has many options that make sharing and viewing more fun and customized. One of the advantages of using Instagram is the ability to have a private account.

These accounts restrict their content’s viewing to their followers only. And if you are reading this article, chances are you want to view a private profile, whether it’s for business or personal use. So, here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to do so:

1. Use of Third-Party Instagram Viewer Apps and Sites

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 This tip is probably the most preferred way of accessing a private Instagram account. Third-party apps help you view photos, videos, and all content on a locked Instagram account. There are various apps in the market. So you will have to choose which can work best for you. Ensure they are safe and reliable, such as this private Instagram profile viewer.

You can compare apps by checking their reviews, features, and prices. From there you can decide which one can accommodate your needs more.

Asides from apps, some sites can help you with this quest. All you need to do is to click the link to the site. Look for the search bar and type in the username of the private account you want to view.

Click on the search icon, and there you have it. You can view profiles that are set to private, and some sites may even let you view them anonymously. Just be careful when using these apps and sites, as some may not be secure.

2. Send a Follow Request

 Sending a follow request is the easiest way to break through the barriers of a private Instagram account. As mentioned, locked accounts only show content for their followers. Therefore, you must follow them to view their profile.

However, it is not as straightforward as that. You have to send the follow-request and hope it will be accepted before you can successfully pull through. Once the person you are trying to follow approves of your request, you can view their profile immediately.

If not, you could probably call for their attention by sending a DM or a private message. Hopefully, you will join the league of those who can check through the contents.

3. Ask Google

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 Google is usually the way to go when looking for an answer to a question. Google knows it all, even up to the contents of Instagram accounts. All you need to do is go to the Google search bar and type in the username of the private profile. Google may bring up content that has to do with the account.

However, Google can only bring up featured posts of the account when it was public. You would not be able to view content posted after it was made private. Nonetheless, this is another way to break the barriers of a private Instagram account.

4. View Through a Friend

 If your friend has unrestricted access to the profile you wish to view, why not use their account to your advantage?

The good news is you don’t even have to travel down to your friend’s place. Instagram allows up to five accounts on the same phone. All you have to do is get your friend’s account’s login username and password.

Then, you can log in to your friend’s account and view the private profile. Easy breezy right? Just don’t forget that your friend has to be following the private account you wish to access for this to be successful.

5. Create a Parody Account

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If you don’t want it known that you are trying to follow the account for reasons best known to you, you try this tip.

This method involves creating a parody account in the name of anyone you think would be accepted by the private account owner. Some experts even claim that a female’s request is more likely to be accepted than that of a man. You could use this trick too.

Whichever your approach is, ensure the parody account looks genuine to the private account owner. Send a follow request and wait for it to be accepted for you to view as much as you want. Although this is an unethical way to go, it is a great trick for you to view a private Instagram account.


There could be several reasons why you want to view a private Instagram account. These tips and tricks will help you go through this quest.

Although the best and most ethical way is to send a follow request and wait for it to be accepted, this might not be successful at all times. Try any other options mentioned above, and you might achieve your goal. Just ensure to use these tips wisely and know your limitations.


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