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Top SEO Mistakes


Today, a site is one of the most essential tools for promoting any brand. And if you want users to buy your clothes, play slot games here or book a room in your hotel, you should think of how to optimize it. In this case, you should learn about SEO. This aspect is essential, and it will allow your site to get more popular. But beginners make mistakes, and here are the most frequent ones.


Not Having a Goal

In any business, especially in SEO, it is important to set the goal correctly and qualitatively. Especially this should be given attention if you are engaged in promoting the site yourself, and especially strong attention if you ask for help from marketers. Lack of clearly defined goals will be a fatal mistake for the site. You will not be able to assess whether the money invested in SEO is profitable. 


Having Low-quality Tags

On the Internet, you can often find that the tags for the pages you are looking for are not written in the right way. Tags are still the mainstay of search engines. But many people do not pay the proper amount of attention to the composition of the titles.


Wrong Structure 

Grammar and spelling errors are serious flaws in the text, but this is not the most common and major problem. The main mistake is improper structuring. High-quality text should include headings and subheadings. This type of hierarchy contributes to easier digestion of the written text and also allows the bots to recognize the meaning of the article.


Similar Content

When analyzing the site for errors there is an important aspect – the exclusion of duplicate pages. Duplicate pages are a defect in the development process. Often the site owners themselves create them, trying to create as much content as possible for the sake of adding keywords to the content. This desire has a reasonable justification, but such an action will only confuse search engines.  Blogs are usually prone to this “disease”. Purely different brands publish articles on the same topic, in order to achieve greater coverage of keywords, but at the same time, so that the text was not overpopulated. But this method is not suitable for website promotion, because search engine robots will exclude it as garbage. 


Not Suitable for Smartphones 

It is very important to adapt your site to different screens. Major search engines like Google are introducing the importance of mobile usage as a policy. Today, a huge number of users, more than half, browse websites from their mobile devices, so search engines can’t remain indifferent to the problem of unfriendliness to portable devices of various websites.  It is very common that there is simply no mobile version of the site. Also a common problem is that the mobile version is very different from the desktop version, which immediately causes the user negative emotions. And, of course, it is important to remember that the version for portable devices must be properly adapted to all mobile devices.


No Updates

High-quality work on the site should not end with the publication of the site. Search engine robots like pages with high activity, where quality content is frequently updated, design and search engine optimization are upgraded. If you want to improve the ranking of your site, it is important to update the information on it as often as possible.

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