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The Seven Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers


Ad income is one of the finest ways for the owner of a blog or small website to make money from their efforts. To help bloggers earn money from their writing, Google AdSense has become one of the most widely used digital advertising networks.

However, it is not the only possible option. If you’re looking for an alternative to Google Adsense, these options might be more to your liking.

1. is the industry standard when it comes to contextual ads. The service, which Bing and Yahoo operate, is commonly regarded as a viable AdSense substitute. With, you can choose from a variety of display ad formats and native ad formats for desktop and mobile devices and earn roughly the same as with Google AdSense.

To begin your search for a service that can compete with AdSense in terms of functionality, quality, and payout rate, is an excellent option. Payments are made monthly, with a $100 minimum, and can be received through PayPal.

2. Revcontent

Revcontent is the industry standard for native advertising, which integrates seamlessly into the aesthetic of your blog. These advertisements are tailored specifically to the pages of your site. Advertisements in other mediums, such as display, mobile, and video, are also available through Revcontent.

By forming alliances with publishers who are expected to generate many ad clicks, it can attract advertisers willing to pay larger commissions.

Revcontent is even pickier than Google AdSense about which sites it will accept ads from. In addition to having at least 50,000 unique visitors per month, your site must frequently provide high-quality material to be considered. The minimum payout to publishers is $50 per month and is made every month.

3. PropellerAds

PropellerAds is a rapidly expanding platform that allows blogs of all ages to earn money. Its ad units include the popunder variety, which loads invisibly in the background and pops up when the current window is minimized or closed.

Suppose you feel that popunders are too intrusive for your site. In that case, you may choose from various other ad formats offered by PropellerAds, such as native advertisements, banners, and video ads, all optimized for desktop devices. Besides serving mobile websites and apps, PropellerAds also provides a push notification ad format for this medium.

4. Mediavine

Mediavine is quite similar to AdThrive in that it offers bloggers a 75% revenue share through highly targeted ad placements but requires 50% of the monthly page views (50,000). Lifestyle bloggers are the target audience for this ad network, so if you specialize in writing in-depth articles for this field, you should apply.

When you work with Mediavine, you’ll get the rare and valuable quality of empathy, which is sometimes lacking in partnerships of this kind. It was founded by bloggers who know the value of high-quality ads that load quickly and are completely transparent, so they can help you with any inquiries about the advertisements that appear on your site.

5. InfoLinks

InfoLinks is a practical replacement for banner adverts because it focuses on in-text advertising. InfoLinks scans the main body of your site for keywords and then automatically links up those keywords with ad placements that are most appropriate to that text.

When a user moves their mouse over this highlighted text, a related ad will appear on the side of the page. More words on a page mean more chances for appropriate adverts, which is why in-text advertisements thrive on blogs.

Any blog, no matter how new or established, can be monetized by using InfoLinks. No initial cost is involved, and no predetermined traffic volume is needed.

6. Amazon Associates

If your site discusses items that can be purchased on Amazon, you may want to consider becoming an Amazon Associate. There is little commission for any sales made through your links, but this is neither a pay-per-click nor a cost-per-impression service.

If a product you did not promote sells due to your links, you will still receive payment. The only drawback is that they can only mail a check, which could take weeks to arrive if you don’t live in the United States.

7. Kontera

The in-text advertising model used by Kontera has gained widespread attention. Ads that appear within the text do not necessitate the creation of new ad spots.

Instead, they automatically parse your website for keywords and phrases and generate text adverts linked to those terms. The CPC model upon which this platform is based rewards publishers for each ad click made by a user.

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