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Best Social Media Analytics Companies That Collect Data From Different Platforms and Utilize It to Reach the Target Audience


Social Media Analytics can be defined as collecting data from social media platforms, evaluating and analyzing the collected data, and making certain business-related decisions based on that data and analysis. So, collecting data and analyzing them leads to some models/patterns/patterns of people’s behavior on social media.

Doing so is vital for every business owner to recognize how his target group behaves and thus reach as many people as possible, who will eventually engage with him and his business at the end of the story. As with everything else, so with SMA, there are many tools you can use to extract and get analytics from social media platforms.


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But what is even more critical and better is that there are companies that offer SMA services, which is, in any case, a better option because all the work is done for you by professionals and experts in the field. And we all know, a higher level of professionalism means better data, and better data means better decisions for your business.

Below we bring you a few companies whose doors you can, without a doubt, knock on with an SMA request.

1. Sprout Social


The first company we will mention is Sprout Social because it is one of the companies on the market that constantly receives positive reviews from its clients. It was recognized by the users and the best in business who have repeatedly awarded Sprout Social for their work and services.

Some of the services and products offered by this company are Listening, Publishing, Engagement, Advocacy, and Analytics, as the most important to us. They cover many platforms, and only a few of them are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Namely, Analytics as a product and service of this company allows you to speed up the collection and distribution of data to focus on KPIs.

2. Brandwatch


Brandwatch is a company that monitors all stories and events around your brand, thus providing you with all relevant information related to your brand, your products, and even your competition. Still, it will also help you utilize all this information and turn it into your benefits, even some negative comments and the like.

This company offers two main products, namely Analytics and Vizia. Analytics is a simple and basic version of social media reporting and monitoring. At the same time, Vizia is a product that includes one complete social media command center with advanced functionalities and features, all to get the best out of your data.

To find out what packages they offer and at what prices, it is best to visit the Brandwatch official website and schedule a meeting with them where you will communicate your needs and desires and thus get what you need, no less and no less more. And of course, the price depends on your needs and wants!

3. Socialbakers


If we wanted to describe this company as briefly as possible, in a few words, then it would be in the following way: “Unified Social Media Marketing Platform.” Socialbakers is a company that offers its clients much more than just analytics.

The platform of this company manipulates many things like competitive and industry benchmarking, monitoring, competitive analysis, engagement, and many others. A crucial thing and characteristic of Socialbakers are that they approach each of their clients individually to receive an offer of products and services tailored to their needs and desires.

This company has its own AI algorithm for tracking its clients’ audience on social media, which turns it into personas with whom you can communicate more quickly and better target it.

As we have already mentioned, prices vary according to needs, wants and requirements. So visit their website, make an appointment with Socialbakers staff, and find out how much you need to invest in your business to make it thrive.


In conclusion, monitoring, extracting, and analyzing data from social media platforms in the right way can be challenging, laborious, and time-consuming, which still does not guarantee that you will come to the correct conclusions and decisions related to your business.

With the help of the companies mentioned above, this is guaranteed, and the only thing left for you is to choose who you want to entrust your business to, contact them, and start a new and more fulfilling period of your business.


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