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How to Communicate to Your Customers With Clarity


One of the best ways for your company to gain a competitive advantage is to deliver excellent customer service. Customer service aims to turn any bad customer experience into a positive one. As a result, you’ll boost customer satisfaction and encourage word-of-mouth marketing, both of which are essential for your company to survive.

With that said, it’s essential to have the right customer representatives. Remember that simply hiring a team of representatives without giving them the necessary tools and information about your services or products isn’t enough. Instead, your team must master the art of communication.

So, how can you and your staff communicate with your customers so that you can deliver excellent customer service? Consider the following tips.

Convey accurate and updated information

Effective customer service and communication start by conveying accurate messages and information. Take note that half-knowledge isn’t only dangerous for customers. It can also affect your organization.

For example, suppose a customer contacts your business to know how to operate your products. Any wrong information you provide, especially if your products are tech-related, will endanger the customer.

As you can see, the management must ensure that all staff members possess the same accurate information. Business administrative software like Jobber can help ensure consistent information across all workstreams.

It can allow organizations to deliver information about turnaround times, work schedules, and even payment or estimates in just moments. By doing so, a company is empowered to deliver a more consistent customer experience.

Be proactive

Being proactive or going the extra mile to address any issues is always considered a treat for every customer. To be proactive means that you and your customer representatives should anticipate any potential problems your customers may face.

In addition, proactive communication will play an essential role in customer retention and loyalty. For instance, if you’re in the roofing industry, conduct a tutorial on how to use your roofing invoice template.


Additionally, offer help when customers show frustration while using your website or apps. By doing so, customers will view your company as customer-centric, which will positively affect how they view your brand.

Don’t use negative phrases


Your entire company’s reputation is at stake whenever you communicate with a client. As such, always refrain from using negative phrases. All customers who get in touch with your business want assurance that there will be a solution to their specific problems.

Hence, using words or phrases like ‘don’t,’ ‘can’t,’ and ‘not possible’ will imply that you cannot solve their problem or lack expertise. Consistently using negative phrases will also frustrate customers, making them hesitant to view your brand as reliable.

As a solution, make sure to use positive and reassuring phrases when communicating with a customer, such as the following:

  • “Definitely.”
  • “Thank you, and we can certainly help you with this.”
  • “Thanks for notifying us of this, and we appreciate your feedback. Now, let’s see how we can solve the issue.”

Fully understand your products or services

Some customers will ask detailed questions about your products or services, so you must be prepared. Lacking knowledge or confidence when answering a question will only leave a negative impression on your clients. Once clients feel that you or your employees don’t fully understand your offerings, they’ll lose interest in your company.

Thus, before a customer representative handles any customer queries, ensure they’ve undergone mandatory training sessions. Also, make sure they know your products’ features and the trends in your industry.

You can ask your product team to conduct a meeting to discuss vital pieces of information before launching a product, too. This way, your customer representatives are well-equipped with the correct information to answer queries confidently.


In today’s customer-centric world, customer support and service are important factors determining a company’s survival. To deliver excellent customer service, you and your team should possess the skill to communicate clearly and effectively.

Remember, poor communication––using negative phrases, lacking knowledge about the offering, and providing inaccurate information––can ruin a business in different ways.

Fortunately, the strategies for effectively communicating with consumers mentioned above will serve as stepping stones so your team can deliver excellent customer service. As they say, taking care of your customers will reward you with brand recognition, loyalty, and more revenue.

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