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How to Market Your Brand on Instagram with Influencers


Influencers are all the rage on Instagram, and they provide brands with opportunities to market their products and services. In recent years, the need for an influencer marketing agency has skyrocketed, and for a good reason.

However, you can’t simply expect these companies to do all the work for you. You can do certain things as well – things that will benefit both your business and the influencers you choose to work with.

In this post, we’ll take you through those things and how you can excel at them.

1. Set the Right Goals

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Goal-setting will allow you to measure the performance of your influencer marketing strategy. Some businesses are into influencer marketing primarily for boosting brand awareness, while others are into it for lead generation.

When the goal is well-defined, it increases the likelihood of performing actions that will take you towards that goal.

For instance, if brand awareness is your primary goal, you should increase user engagement. In such a scenario, doing something like a giveaway can work wonders. To pick the winner, you can use an Instagram giveaway picker.

2. Define your Target Audience

Defining your target audience will help your influencer marketing strategy and your overall branding. For instance, if you define your target audience as a young and hip crowd, you can look for influencers who resonate with them.

It will also affect how you communicate with your audience through Instagram DMs and comments. Informal language is more suited for young people, while a formal tone works better for older audiences.

Audience research and analytics tools like WatchThemLive can be a bit of help to you in targeting the right group of prospects. Read this article to learn more.

3. Research Influencers Thoroughly

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The success of Instagram influencers over the years has inspired many people, but this inspiration has also come at a cost. These days, Instagram is full of fake influencers, i.e., people who have bloated their Instagram numbers by purchasing followers, likes, and comments.

On the surface, the accounts of such influencers look great. However, once you start scratching the surface, you’ll understand that there’s not much substance. You should do everything possible to steer clear of such influencers, as they’ll only bring misfortune to your business. If you’re worried about working with fake influencer, you might want to think about becoming an influencer by buying an Instagram account. There are some websites that sell Instagram accounts with real followers.

4. Don’t Prioritize Followers Base

Imagine this – you’ve shortlisted two influencers to work with, and you can only choose one. One of those influencers has a million followers, and the other has half a million followers. Typically, brands are tempted to work with influencers with higher numbers.

However, when it comes to influencer marketing, any Instagram growth service will tell you that it’s best to prioritize quality and not quantity. Ideally, you should work with influencers whose followers are likely to be interested in your offerings.

Also, you’ll have to pay way more to influencers who have a high follower count. If your influencer marketing budget is tight, it’s best to first collaborate with micro-influencers.

5. Allow Creativity for Influencers

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Different influencers have different approaches in terms of being brand ambassadors. For example, an influencer known for humor may showcase products by tickling the audience’s funny bone. However, another influencer with a more serious approach may do things differently.

It’s important that you don’t try to control what the influencers do and give them the space they need to bring out their creativity. They may also schedule Instagram posts differently from what you have in mind, and you have to be okay with that.

The Wrap

So, these were five ways of marketing your brand on Instagram by partnering with influencers. If you want your brand to become big through influencer marketing, it’s best to work with a company like Ainfluencer to find brand ambassadors.

With Ainfluencer’s services, your brand will see both short-term and long-term success when collaborating with influencers. So, give your influencer marketing strategy the boost it needs with Ainfluencer.

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