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Summarize and Analyze Meetings With an AI Assistant


Have you ever tried to take notes of a meeting, only to look at them days later and struggle to make sense of the information you wrote down?

Summarizing and keeping notes of meetings can be dreading, especially regarding fast-paced presentations and various speakers. It can also be tiring to listen and write everything down simultaneously. It requires extra concentration if the meeting happens via video or at the end of a long workday. Navigating through handwritten notes days or weeks later will only cost you your time and nerves, doing no good for your productivity.

That is why we are introducing Instaminutes, the AI-driven tool that will extract all your insights and valuable information from all your business conversations. Keep reading to find out everything about the features and benefits of this convenient AI assistant.

What is Instaminutes, and how does it work

Instaminutes is a trainable, AI-driven tool that will help you gather all the actionable insights out of your meetings, ensuring you know your next move right after the meeting ends. Instead of simply transcribing all the words into a long chunk of text, Instaminutes creates visual, interactive insights that you can easily save and share with your team.

It also allows you to take real-time notes while the AI assistant automatically highlights all the important points. Just turn on the extension during the duration of a meeting, and you are all set!

The assistant is compatible with many meeting tools for desktop and mobile phones, including Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. All you need to do is sign in and link your calendar. Do not worry. Instaminutes will not slow down your stream or cause any unwanted glitches. It only gets better over time, as the tool is very much trainable – ensuring it generates better meeting summaries.

To better understand your clients, customers, and team members, Instaminutes also allows you to tap into actionable conversational insights. Moreover, you can keep track of all the speakers and see who spoke and for how long, as all the insights will be shown on your user-friendly and transparent intelligence dashboard.

Intaminutes also includes a convenient feature that allows you to listen to meeting summaries as you go in order for you to be briefed with all the meeting information at any given moment. With the help of advanced filters, you can focus on certain speakers or topics or sort through decisions and action items.

Moreover, Instaminutes easily integrates with over 50 platforms, making it easy for you to streamline your workflow and keep your team on the same page. All the meeting notes can be stored on a cloud with encryption technology, making it easy for you to control its access.


When it comes to summarizing an important meeting in just a few key points, no one wants to go through the pages of handwritten notes or chunks of transcribed text filled with small talk.

With Instaminutes, summarizing and analyzing a conversation has never been easier, as this AI-assisted tool ensures you never miss any important information again. User-friendly and easy to set up, Instaminutes is a perfect solution for product managers, project managers, and salesmen, whether you want to summarize sales calls, job interviews, or meetings.

Being one of the best value-for-money solutions on the market, Instaminutes is a tool you would surely want to include in your business practice.

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