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What Features to Look for in a Hosting Service


Nowadays, every business requires a website. Word of mouth can only get your company so far. If you want to keep your business running, you’ll need a way to show it off. That’s where web hosting services come into play. They are places where you store websites and through which websites work. Just as you rent a space inside a business for your office or store, so too must you rent a space from a hosting service to efficiently run a website. But finding a proper hosting service can be tough, especially as the internet is prone to dubious deals, and problematic services. To help you find a proper web hosting service here are some features you need to watch out for.

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Time is money, which means anytime your website or host is down for maintenance you’re losing profits. The primary responsibility of a web hosting company is to keep your website online and accessible. Every web hosting provider will have to perform maintenance on occasion, which will take your website offline. And if servers aren’t properly maintained, they’ll be more prone to breakdowns resulting in more downtime for your website. Therefore the biggest difference that you need to look out for is uptime. Any worthwhile hosting service will guarantee 99% uptime or more. And if you want your website to succeed you shouldn’t expect anything less.

Load time

Page load time, or how long it takes for a web page to load, is another important issue you must take into account. Your page load time has an impact on how much traffic your website receives, similar to uptime. This is because a visitor becomes more annoyed the longer it takes for your web pages to load. Unless the visitor is aware of their own limitations, they will most likely leave within seconds of attempting to load your page. So making sure that your website loads quickly should be one of your top priorities.


If you’re just starting out, you might be thinking about getting a cheaper plan to save money. This can be a pretty smart decision as various subscriptions can build up into quite a hefty sum. But if your website starts to grow it might expand beyond your hosting plan. So it’s imperative you choose a hosting service that allows you to upgrade hosting plans to further improve your traffic.  It will be far more beneficial to utilize a hosting company that allows you to increase your package instead of switching hosts and moving your whole website.

Good domain name management

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Another important aspect of web design is managing your domain name. It’s the first thing visitors see on links and search results so having a memorable domain name is key. Additionally, it’s crucial to keep your domain name registration up to date for as long as you continue to work on your website. Otherwise, you may risk losing your domain name, and with it your entire business. Having a web host that allows you to manage both your domain and hosting plans from the same place can help you immensely. That’s because everything you’ll need to think about renewing will be kept in the same place.


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A lot of people underestimate the complexities of running a business. And one of the main reasons they do that is because they misunderstand how these little features can have a massive impact on everything. From the domain name to uptime these may seem like small details, but if you want to properly run your business taking them into consideration is imperative.

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