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The Four Best Grammarly Alternatives for Flawless Writing


Language is a beautiful thing. It’s fluid, creative, and intimate. No word is ever the same. Everyone has a different accent and cadence in their voice, and their uniqueness carries the weight behind words. The same can be applied in writing.

Each letter, word, or sentence stamped onto paper is unique. If nothing else, then their will and intent make every word different. A blogger writing about market rates while traveling writes the same words as a real estate agent trying to sell you a house. But the intent makes it radically different. That’s why context is king in the world of writing.

And if you’re working in a professional environment, that context needs to be weighed with a uniform standard. That’s where apps such as Grammarly come into play. They give a level playing field to all writers, remove the worry about accidental spelling mistakes, and ensure no sentence is unreadable.

Although Grammarly is great, its integration issues can create significant issues for its users. Just like cars and coffee, overexposure creates dependency. People rely too much on Grammarly and don’t take its suggestion critically. No matter how good of a tool Grammarly is, it can still make mistakes. That’s why you need Grammarly alternatives that can help you write flawlessly.

1. Linguix

On the top of the Grammarly, alternatives list lies Linguix. Linguix is a premier grammar and spell-checking tool that can help you lift your online writing to the next level.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than handing out your final thesis for your master’s degree only to realize that you made a simple spelling error, or accidentally sent a jumbled email to your boss. These situations are unfortunate, but they do happen.

So why not insure yourself against awkward situations with Linguix’s unlimited grammar checker and style guide? By doing so, you’ll avoid any potential embarrassment, and you’ll even be able to learn as Linguix offers unlimited definitions while you’re writing. Another awesome feature is the pre-draft shortcuts. With it, you can significantly speed up your writing as Linguix prefills parts of your emails, forms, and even social posts.

Not only does Lingix work quickly and efficiently, but it’s also perfectly integrated with business-related tools such as Google Workspace, Slack, and many more. And if your creative juices are stuck, it even has an AI that helps you rephrase clunky sentences. Linguix even offers synonyms if you want to spice up your word repertoire.

2. Wordtune

Another giant in the online grammar-checking world is Wordtune. With its AI writing companion, you can improve your writing and grow your career.

Instead of writing formulaic texts, Wordtune helps you express yourself in new and creative ways. By analyzing the tone and structure of your writing, you can be further directed to a more desirable writing style.

Wordtune even helps foreign writers as it can instantly translate writing and help them rewrite their content for the English language. It can help shorten sentences and create both casual and formal content

3. Sapling

There are just as many writing styles as there are people. Everyone has their style, whether they’re aware of it or not, and some specific writing styles cater to different topics.

That’s why casual writing styles are often looked down upon in the corporate world. That’s why Sapling was created to be a professional grammar tool. Having a writing assistant focused on business and entrepreneurial writing styles guarantees you an easier time maneuvering the corporate ecosystem.

Sapling can automate phrases and autocomplete sentences, thus increasing your work efficiency. And if you’re using Sapling in a highly specialized field, you can create custom dictionaries and rulesets that generic spell checkers miss.

4. PaperRater

If you’re looking for an education-oriented grammar checker, PaperRater is the tool for you. There’s often a disparity between how academic and business texts are written. Therefore commercial spellcheckers may be unreliable.

But with PaperRater, you are gaining a service specifically designed for students and educators. The main feature worth mentioning is the plagiarism scanner. With it, you’ll never need to worry about accidentally copying someone else’s texts.

After all, deeply researched topics can frequently pull similar conclusions, and flagging them as plagiarism can be career-ending. PaperRater even automatically scores your writing so you can have positive feedback on your writing progress.


There are generally two ways to go when choosing a proper Grammarly alternative. Either using a highly specialized alternative or a more broad-reaching tool.

While specialization can be extremely useful, people aren’t just a single thing. Nobody is just a scientist or just a lawyer. Therefore more broad tools such as Linguix are far more useful.

And with features like unlimited suggestions, grammar and spell checking, word definition, and more, there’s no facet that Linguix can’t cover

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