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Best WordPress Advertising Plugins in 2022


Creating, writing, publishing, and reaching out to readers is something that every blogger undoubtedly strives for. The goal when creating a blog is just that, to bring out enough information about what is of interest and to be an attractive place for readers.

It is a place where they will find the information they are looking for and be happy to return. However, for bloggers to maintain their blog and improve it, they also have to make money. We are sure that you have seen a couple of advertisements on almost every blog, website, or online shop you have visited. These are often advertisements placed in the lower parts of the screen and carefully selected.

Advertising through blogs and websites is very popular today, both among bloggers and those who want to be advertised. The digital age in which we live is becoming a very attractive place for advertising and the most effective one.

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In the past, advertising was mostly done on TV, where manufacturers tried to reach users. Today, the era we live in offers an incredible number of advertising opportunities and a wide range of clients and potential users with whom we can get in touch and reach them.

For manufacturers and service providers, this is always an important item, and for website creators or bloggers, the way they can make money and raise the blog to the level they aspire for. You’ve probably heard of the term “website monetization,” but still, if you haven’t, let us explain it to you.

Namely, this term represents the process of making money from a particular website or blog using the same as an advertising platform for companies with content and offers related to that page. This sounds pretty simple, right? Once we are reminded of what this term means, let’s move on to the tools we need to do this process. As with any business, you need adequate tools to achieve the best results.

We will present a selection of the four best WordPress Advertising Plugins for 2022.

1. AdSanity


The first plugin we want to present to you is the AdSanity WordPress plugin. Whether you have experience in this field or are a beginner, AdSanity is an extremely beginner-friendly plugin that you will use with great ease. This plugin does not have a free version, and you will have to pay to use it, but you really won’t regret it.

By using AdSanity, your website will be converted into an ad server without interfering with your content. In addition, this plugin will give you the ability to display logs of clicks, views, reports on your requests, and the like.

2. Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter has the same function as the previous plugin, but you can also choose when deciding which one you want for your site. This plugin supports all major ad networks, such as Google Adsense, Google Ad Manager (DoubleClick for Publishers), and the like.

In addition to this, it is important to mention the option to insert login forms, header scripts, Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP, analytics, tracking, or advertising code anywhere on the page. This plugin comes in a completely free version.

3. Meks Easy Ads Widget

Meks Easy Ads Widget

An unlimited number of advertisements on your site will be possible by using the plugin. In addition to this, Meks Easy Ads Widget also allows you to choose from predefined sizes or define your custom size, as well as support for both image ads and script-based ads. Also, autoplay rotates ads is another exceptional feature of this plugin.

4. WP AdCenter

WP Ad Center

Wandering through WordPress plugins, we also found WP AdCenter, and we are pleased to present its primary and most essential features. This popular plugin can work in almost any advertising network. You can rotate or optimize banner ads.

Also, with this plugin, you can choose between shortcodes and Gutenberg blocks to display your ads, and geo-targeting allows you to display your ads anywhere in the world. The last feature we present is the automatic registration process for advertisers and the integration of WooCommerce payments. If you would like to experience all the advantages of this plugin, we invite you to try it out.


If you have a website or blog and still haven’t used it for advertising, we think it’s time to head in that direction.

Choose one of the listed plugins and see for yourself all their advantages. Not only will you increase revenue, but you will improve your site and bring it to a point where you will be proud of what you have created.

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