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Best Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode Plugins for WordPress


Building buzz about your next major project may be a helpful strategy to gain interested customers and enhance market presence if you want to become a great online business.

Whatever it is, you should first and foremost work to simplify your productivity.

Even the best among us, no matter how fantastic your site is or how hard you have worked on it, require a jump start. Coming soon themes are essential to the effective launch of a website, product, or e-commerce store. We have something for you, whether you want an eye-catching coming soon page or a basic design to put up while you work on your site.

Moreover, when you manage a WordPress website, you will unavoidably have to do necessary maintenance, which may end in a brief outage. Such maintenance might include testing new extensions, design modifications or upgrades, or serious server problems.

Most programmers establish offline sandboxes for testing, but after the modifications are pushed to your live site, it’s a good idea to take the site down for a limited period. It is indeed true for new domains when your site isn’t quite ready to deploy, but you want something online — a coming soon page – to display your target audience, customers, or purchases.

Therefore, the best answer is a solid and dependable maintenance or coming soon plugin.

Create a Search Presence

Google banner

It’s never too early to start optimizing a website for search, as long as it delivers worth to individuals who visit it. If you take the time to create an interesting and insightful Coming Soon page for a website, you should optimize it for search and submit it to Google for indexing.

When it comes to raising awareness, you don’t want your client to be solely capable of sending interested people a link to the Coming Soon landing page. Put the search engines to action and get it on people’s list with an indexable page right away.

Gather Emails

Creating curiosity is only the first element in establishing the most of your coming soon page. Why not take it further and provide visitors with a form to complete?

In this post, we’ll look at the top coming soon themes and plugins for creating a successful coming soon page to generate some much-needed excitement for your future website.

Create a Social Following

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A further strategy to keep visitors engaged with a company before the website’s launch is to invite them to interact on social media. You’ll do it anyway once the website is live, but you can get a head start by placing social follow buttons on your coming soon page.

Ensure to make it worthwhile for them to “Follow” you. You don’t want to state “Launching soon!” and put some social icons beneath it. So, include some data about what’s to come and what they may anticipate if they follow along on social networks.

You can effortlessly develop and install a coming soon or WordPress maintenance mode page to your site with the aid of the finest WordPress coming soon plugin.

Instead of constructing the page from the ground up, these plugins give the aspects that assist your website draw the correct exposure and interaction. Blocks of video. Buttons for social networking. Timers with a countdown. Lead generation forms, and there’s more.

In this article, we’ve prepared a list of the top WordPress plugins for coming soon and maintenance mode, as well as some designs that might help you get started right away.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Are you in a rush to create a Landing page, Coming Soon, or Maintenance Mode? You can make one in a short amount of time by utilizing one of the 50+ themes and 400,000+ pictures incorporated within the Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin for WordPress – the most user-friendly way to design coming soon pages.

A coming soon page plugin is required if you would like to build a gorgeous coming soon page, landing page, sales page, or under construction page without modifying any script. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is incredibly simple to use, contains precisely the functions you want, and has business-specific designs.

It has also been meticulously constructed utilizing the most acceptable coding methods and contemporary principles to guarantee that everything runs as easily and quickly as possible. In addition, because of its specific purpose, it is much quicker than other WordPress themes. If you don’t enjoy this plugin within seven days of buying,  they will gladly return your payment in full.

Coming soon themes


  • 2 Million+ Free Images – There are included over a million free, high-quality photographs to wow your viewers, as well as Instagram-inspired effects.
  • 170+ Remarkable Themes – Elegant, readily adjustable themes that match and adapt to any identity will allow you to create a page for your online or offline business quickly.
  • Full Rebranding Included – Without changing a single line of code, you can change the name, logo, colors, content, and anything else about the plugin straight from the dashboard.
  • Best-in-class SEO Setup – Furthermore,  with the built-in tests, inspections, and guidelines provided by the Coming Soon plugin, you’ll be on the top page of search results in a minute.
  • Easy Access for Clients – While you’re building on his new website, the client, and only the client, needs to view it. Thanks to the Secret Access Link function, they’ll be capable of doing so with ease.
  • Collect Emails Easily – Coming Soon integrates with and pushes users into your autoresponder, CRM, webinar, and marketing tools. If that isn’t enough, Zapier is another option.


Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin is a premium plugin in three different editions. The first plan is called “Pro lifetime,” It costs $79, a one-time payment for one personal site. The second package is called “Agency lifetime,” It costs $199, a one-time fee, and allows you to use it on 100 personal or client sites. The third plan is the “Pro yearly,” which costs $39 per year and may be used on one personal site.



UnderConstructionPage plugin enables you to build gorgeous under-construction pages in WordPress easily. Having an under-construction page while your website is being built might pique viewers’ interest. Even if you don’t have a cause to notify readers that your site will be available shortly, you’re going to undertake some website maintenance. This plugin is ideal for those instances, even if you want to take the site down for a minute.

The UnderConstructionPage plugin includes some of the most distinctive and artistically created themes you’ll discover, in addition to being extremely simple to use and easy to configure. Each week, new designs have been released that cover everything. Retail and landing pages and coming soon, and maintenance pages are available for all industries. Ready to launch in minutes, using a drag-and-drop builder.

UnderConstructionPage themes

It is also regularly updated to take advantage of new benefits regularly. You may set the maintenance page to deactivate automatically on a specific date.


  • Drag and drop template editor that is simple to use.
  • It helps to add social icons to gain more social followers.
  • It makes it possible to generate SEO-friendly under-construction pages.
  • Email autoresponders, such as Mailchimp, can be added.
  • Tracking your traffic on your coming soon pages is a simple alternative.


There are two paid versions of this plugin, lifetime offers and yearly offers. The most popular plan is “Pro, “it costs $39 per year and can be installed on three sites. Other yearly versions are: „Agency“ – $89, and „Basic“ – $25.



The Maintenance plugin is built on minimalism, and it’s the ideal option for web administrators that want to set it and forget it. Maintenance is free and includes all of the essential features. You won’t discover a cluttered admin interface or a plethora of options to sift through. They’re all straightforward, such as modifying the page’s backdrop, image, or banner text.

The maintenance plugin enables the website designer to temporarily close the website at the front end with an appealing maintenance mode layout. It even allows you to personalize the coming soon page with various backgrounds, styles, content, hues, and so on.

It also provides pre-designed templates for coming soon and maintenance pages, adding appeal to the page and attracting the attention of the site builders.


  • Beautiful countdown clock with several styles.
  • In the front end, it allows users to log in.
  • On the maintenance mode, only certain pages are displayed.
  • During the maintenance time, this script measures and controls website visitors.
  • It supports full-screen backgrounds for titles, headings, and content.


This Maintenance plugin is available for free.


A coming soon or maintenance page is an excellent way to pique your customer’s interest, begin or maintain your rating in search rankings, and increase your mailing list. Furthermore, even while on maintenance, you may begin or keep developing consumer connections.

Don’t keep your viewers waiting if you have any cause to take your site down or if you know it will take some time to get a new site up and operating. You wouldn’t want to leave them in the grips of a slow-loading or compromised site, and you certainly don’t want them to access a site that isn’t available for mass usage.

Using a WordPress coming soon plugin (or theme), you can quickly create a professionally designed page instead of the website. And, with web forms, countdowns, social networking sharing, eye-catching graphics, and even SEO incorporated in most, you can remain users linked to the business even while the main system is down.

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