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Best WordPress Download Manager Plugins


WordPress comes with a file hosting feature by default; however, it lacks many features seen in even free plugins. We’ve put together this list of the best WordPress download manager plugins. But, before we get into the list, let’s talk about some of the things a download manager plugin can do for you and why they’re a valuable asset.

In essence, by using a download manager plugin, you can keep track of all the downloaded files, whether that be by you or your customer if you’re in the business of selling digital assets. These plugins also simplify implementing password safeguards, tracking downloads, organizing files, and preventing unregistered people from accessing files.

1. WordPress Download Manager

WordPress Download Manager may be just what you need if you’re looking for a free and simple solution. This comprehensive download manager includes features such as passwords and access based on user roles. You can set passwords for all of your files or each one separately.

Furthermore, assigning file access to specific user roles simplifies making files available to registered users. You can use a CAPTCHA (link) with this plugin if you want further security against bots. But one thing worth mentioning is that WordPress Download manager does not allow you to put a price tag on your files. This, however, is a functionality you can easily add to your site, even with other free plugins.

2. Download Monitor

The second item on the list is a plugin called Download Monitor. It’s a fantastic WordPress Download Manager Plugin with a user-friendly interface. The plugin allows you to upload and manage downloaded files easily. You can also include file download links in your posts.

To add files, all you have to do is use the newly added “Quick-add” panel, and you’re pretty much good to go. In addition, Download Monitor adds multiple file variants available for download, and every download becomes tracked.

3. Easy Media Downloads

Easy Media Download allows you to effortlessly set up a platform where your customers and visitors can easily download all of your digital content. There is no limit to the file size that you can submit or that the user can download. This is a great addition for a free plugin, as unlimited file size usually comes as a paid upgrade.

You can also use the plugin to add a dedicated download button to your landing page. The download pop-up can be opened in the browser, and users can choose to open it directly on the page or in a new tab. Once users start downloading content, there’s also a functionality that tracks and monitors the total number of downloads. In addition, with Easy Media Downloads, you’ll also be able to accept donations via PayPal.

4. CM Download Manager

CM Download Manager allows you to upload, manage, track, and support files in a directory. It prevents unauthorized users from downloading your data and protects all downloaded files with a secure password. There are free and premium versions of this WordPress Download Manager Plugin. If you require more functionality, you can upgrade to the plugin’s premium version.

The free version does, however, offer notifications and permissions for all users and multiple file uploads. You can also use it on multiple sites at once and manage functionalities through shortcodes.

5. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is a simple-to-use and easy-to-understand plugin. The plugin’s base version is free and provides a complete solution for a basic e-shop, but free and premium extensions can be used to add extra capabilities. Even the free version comes with fully functional digital downloads.

Easy Digital Downloads also allows you to track and analyze individual consumers’ purchases and activity. In addition to the basic functionalities you’d expect from an e-commerce plugin, it also comes with time-limited downloads and payment methods (PayPal Standard and Amazon, with more possible via extension).

6. Lana Downloads Manager

Lana Downloads Manager is a simple WordPress plugin that helps you manage and track downloadable files. It can help you handle both local and distant files immediately added to your WordPress media library.

The plugin treats downloaded content like a custom post type, and the interface is identical to that of the WordPress post and page editor. It also has a logging system that helps keep track of all the downloads and shortcode support.

Final Thoughts

Download manager plugins add essential functionalities to every site that deals with digital assets. So, if you’re looking to add a simple e-shop or a free ebook download to your website, we suggest you consider trying out a free plugin before spending money on one.

All of the plugins we recommend today are safe and offer added layers of security to ensure nothing goes awry.

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