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How to Stay on Top of Current Marketing Trends


Marketing is an important part of product and brand success. Sales are what brings profit, but marketing is bringing customers, and with more customers, there are more sales and more profit.

It is a constant and never-ending circle and game, there are a lot of players, but only some of them are winners.

Once you have made your success as a marketer, you need to stay on top to continue that success. We can offer you five pieces of advice on how to stay on top of current marketing trends. So read on:

1. Use Alerts

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To stay on top, you need to know what is going on worldwide. The best way to be informed and up to date is to use Google Alerts. Google Alerts will save you a lot of time because you won’t need to browse the all-around net to find news connected to your industry field.

Use keywords that define your needs like “new marketing trend,” or if you like to be more specific, something like “email marketing,” “digital advertising,” or something else. It is basically up to you.

When you choose the wanted search term, set Google Alerts, and you will receive an email alert about new content. Decide do you need those alerts once a week or every day and set its timing, and of course, choose the media to receive those alerts from (news, blog posts, a new book out there on a specific topic, etc.)

2. Read

Once you set alerts to new information, read them. Reading is a great way to learn, especially by reading blogs from experts in your industry field. Another thing about reading is that it is free. So once you find an interesting blog, just bookmark it, or even better, subscribe to its newsletter.

Another tip, check out headlines. This is a quick way (besides reading your favorite blogs) to feel what is going around. Read headlines, you don’t need to go in-depth with every article.

And read books about marketing, your industry, or your expertise field. “Knowledge is a power.”

3. Engage

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You need to “mingle around” to have a real-time feeling of what is going on in marketing. Events that you can attend personally are returning, and they are a great way to exchange thoughts and opinions with your fellow marketers or people from industries similar to yours.

Don’t give up on webinars or online events. Sign-up for ones that seems interesting to you, you can find a lot of them on LinkedIn or other social media. Sharing knowledge and picking up new ideas or experiences will keep you informed and on top of the new ones or most successful trends in marketing.

4. Look

Checking out what your competition is doing in marketing is an excellent way to recognize and spot which new trend is popular. This doesn’t mean copying them. That is a completely wrong approach! But if a short video is getting more audience engagement, it is probably time to embrace this new digital marketing trend and use it.

Digital marketing is a fast-changing one, every day, some new form of it is presented, and large brands usually will invest in a trend that will be successful. You probably try to follow the philosophy of uniqueness and not be limited by global trends boundaries. But don’t ignore them; learn what they are investing in, since it can be a successful way of promotion.

If you quickly recognize it and use it, you will be top of your competition. By all means, Not EVERY trend, but a trend that will affect your position in the digital world (place in Google search results, followers on social media, converted leads, things like that).

5. Listen

Listening to your customers, teammates, or yourself is a great way to learn about your marketing approach, is it “right or wrong.”

Collect pieces of information from your customers by reading their reviews and engaging in conversation with them through social media.

Conduct customer surveys to collect information about: do they see your marketing approach as a successful one, does it fulfills their expectations, and realizes their interests. After all, customers are the reason that marketing exists in the first place.

Final Thoughts

We showed you that you, as a marketer, need to read, learn and listen to stay on top. With the knowledge and insights, you will successfully follow new marketing trends and stay on top of the current marketing game.

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