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Four Things You Need to Successfully Grow an eCommerce Business


eCommerce covers a wide range of terms and includes every online transaction. It includes everything from internet banking and services like PayPal to online ticket sales for various performances and sites like eBay or Wish.

However, this term is mainly associated with online commerce, which is not surprising given that this form of shopping has the fastest growth in Europe and the world.

1. Have the Best Tools/Software/Plugins

The tools, software, and plugins you use can improve your overall eCommerce business. WooCommerece is one of the most popular tools for growing eCommerce. On Jem Products, you can find plugins and tools that will help you from pre-launching campaigns to getting organic sales to increase your ROI using unique marketing tactics. There are so many incredible tools you need to start using right now. Order Export Pro and Table Rate Shipping Pro are two plugins without which your eCommerce can’t run efficiently.

Order Export PROTable Rate Shipping PRO

In addition, Direct Checkout for WooCommerce is an excellent plugin to make the shopping experience for your customers quick and easy as it brings them straight to the checkout. The great thing is that you can place it anywhere on your website. Once one of your clients puts the product in the cart, it will send him to the checkout. This plugin also allows you to create buttons and add them to individual products.

Direct Checkout for WooCommerce

2. Have a Great Design

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One of the essential parts is the design of your web store. From the home page, the search method to the pages of each product. The experience a customer has when they come to your website needs to be enjoyable, fast, easy, and natural to navigate.

If your product arrives in a different size, offer a table with specific measures that can be relied on and all relevant information about the product that could affect its purchase. There’s always a reason why customers come back to a specific address, and that’s primarily recurring satisfaction, and you want to achieve it.

Think like a customer and follow the logic of the average consumer to make sure you satisfy most users. There are a lot of great plugins you can choose to optimize the way your eCommerce store looks.

3. Have the Right Paying Method


That is a step that can be crucial for many customers. If you do not offer them a fast payment method, they can undoubtedly give up the purchase at the very final step. Security is the key, so you need to reassure them that they have done everything in their power to keep them and their data protected at every stage of the purchase.

Many will like the option of paying via internet banking or cash on delivery. Payment Gateway systems are made to charge you with credit cards while keeping all confidential information within the system. It is crucial which certificates the policy you choose has and what possibilities it offers to the user.

A prevalent method of payment is undoubtedly PayPal, as well as related but lesser-known systems. It serves as an intermediary between you and the user and is considered an additional security step.

4. Specify Return and Delivery Rules

Person shipping package

Two factors that complete the whole experience of web shopping are the delivery of the product and the possibility of returning it in case of dissatisfaction. If you have enough resources, you can make the delivery yourself, but for delivery over long distances and with many orders, you will need well-developed logistics.

There are a lot of different plugins you can find on WooCommerce that can help you set up shipping methods. To meet customers’ needs and still protect yourself to a certain extent, think carefully in which cases a refund is allowed and what the customer can get in return. Some retailers return the money without question.

Others offer a product replacement, while others do not offer that option. But be aware that even the way you deal with unwanted situations can determine your reputation. Help your clients always remain somewhat satisfied after interacting with you so that they have a reason to give you a second chance even if you make a mistake. The last thing you want is to have an incomplete shipping method on your eCommerce site.


We live in a time when the world is crazy about digital currencies, eCommerce businesses, and shopping online is no longer strange. With the establishment of various protocols for increasing payment security, doubts have been somewhat reduced.

Today an increasing number of people consider online shopping an easier way to shop. Tools as Order Export PRO, Table Rate Shipping PRO, and Direct Checkout for WooCommerce are there to help you run your business successfully and grow it over a short period.

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