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How to Maximize Link Building Impact

Achieve high ratings through link building


Maximize Link Building Impact on your website is all about killer content, high rankings, and lots of competition. Links have been important to optimize websites for many years, especially when it comes to search engines like Google. Through links, Google is able to find all the newest content including its quality and importance. This is vital for your rankings.

You should look at links like votes or recommendations, especially on how valuable and useful they are to the content. If your website has a lot of votes or recommendations, then Google will look at your website as a valuable candidate, which is a really good thing.

Google has developed a lot in recent years, which means that Google is getting pretty skilled in finding all the right link patterns, both bad and good. Google can easily find what kind of links are useful for the users, and which are not. Therefore, old link strategies like spamming comments or postings will not work.

Links should be natural to the context, of high quality, and a useful element to the content. The first 100 words are important as it gives Google a good understanding on the content of the links.

In this article, we will inspire you on how to maximize link-building impact on your website and help you earn top-ranking positions. This will give you tools, so you can have new insights and knowledge about your SEO strategy.


SEO and google rankings

But What Is SEO?

You have properly heard about SEO before, but what does SEO mean? And how does it work? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is an effective method of making yourself visible to the target audience.

You can almost hear it by saying the name, but SEO is the work that you do to optimize your website. With SEO, you will increase the chances of a top position on Google, YouTube, and other search engines and get more organic traffic to your site.

By organic traffic means, that search results are generated by the search engines themselves and not by paid advertisements, like google ads. All organic traffic will come from search engines and if you want more people reading your content, it is very important that all the relevant visitors are able to find your product or services.

An important SEO tool that plays a crucial role in getting more organic traffic to your website is Link Building. There are three ways to do link building on your website; backlinks, internal links, and outbound links.

Short overview of the different links:

  • Backlinks: These are crucial to maximizing the impact of link building on your website, as they contribute to the total strength, reliability, and relevance. Backlinks are links coming from other websites or outside sources, that is why you can look at them as votes

The more votes(or backlinks) the more unique is your website, which is a good thing when it comes to high rankings. Backlinks on your website will, therefore, provide users with sources of information around the same topic.

  • Internal links: These are links that go from one page to another but within the same website. Internal links are very different from the backlinks but just as important.

Links like this will help Google and other search engines find all the pages on your website, as well as index and overall understanding of them. That’s why internal linking is so important because they are the key to your high rankings on Google.

  • Outbound links: Links like these are not used so often, as they will point from your website to another website.

They are mostly used in the content on your website, to add more relevance to the context and for another reader to find others sources, that will add some extra information to the topic within your own field.


Search Engine Optimization
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The Impact of Link Building

When working with SEO, link building is one of the most important things to have in mind, if you want to maximize link building impact on your website.

Right now, the possibilities on Google are endless. Thus, it has time and time has again proven that link building is fundamental to achieve good rankings. External links (or backlinks), internal- and outbound links are crucial to how well your website performs online.

If you aim to command good rankings and get more organic traffic to your website, you will need to work with link structure and link profiles.

This is the reason why you cannot ignore link building. You need to make sure that you are developing methods that will give you a competitive advantage. Here are 5 key elements that can drive your website to success and maximize your link-building impact.


5 Key Elements to Maximize Link Building Impact

1. Find a Strategy

The first step in any link-building strategy is to find websites that might link to your website.

There are a lot of different types of link-building techniques. Most people start the process with a combination of different strategies:

  • Look for blogs within your industry
  • Find the right journalists, who know about your service or product
  • Create partners who are non-competitive with you

These are all really good approaches, but it is not the fastest way. Instead, I recommend you start your link building from a competitive research approach.

Check up on those backlinks, which are already established using your competitor’s backlinks. In this way, you can save yourself time, resources, and efforts.

There are a lot of tools online that you can use to take a closer look at competitors’ links for you to maximize link building impact on the website, for example on Google Ads and Google Analytics.

Here you will be able to see where the backlinks come from, as well as how strong they are. It gives an idea of how to obtain good links. In this way, you can start by choosing all the good links and form a solid basis for further link building.


2. More Backlinks, Please!

The Internet is built on links. Without the links, it would be one big mess of disconnected websites, which would be difficult to search and navigate in.

External links, also called backlinks, is a link that directs the users from an external site to your site. Just with one click, you will have the opportunity to maximize link-building impact on your website.

So are backlinks really that useful when it comes to SEO? The short answer is “YES”. Backlinks are one of the most important things when it comes to high position rankings.

Search engines, like Google, see backlinks as a way of assurance and value. The more clicks the link gets, the higher rank for relevant search requests. This means; a lot more organic search traffic to your website.




But, how do you get more backlinks to the website? PR is a more and more used link-building technique in SEO. Digital PR is a way to get high-quality links from authorities, through press publication and other online media.

Digital PR is quite effective when it comes to naturally earn of a significant number of high-quality links. This involves creating linkable content and PR pitching to journalists, who will cover the stories in their articles and link back to your website.

Some of the best tips for good PR:

  • Press releases: write interesting, newsworthy material to specific people who have an interest in your work.
  • Media networks: do your research and find networks within your industry. Write them a request about specific topics, needs, tips, or advice. It might create more awareness for you. 
  • Twitter: use the social platform to do some undercover PR work by using the hashtags #PRRequest or #Journorequest,  to see which journalists look for new stories. 
  • Campaigns: Be creative and create a big campaign, which will give the media a reason to write about you.

There are a lot of readers on the online media platforms and the domains give a large amount of strength, which can contribute to a lot more traffic and maximize the link-building impact on your website. For the same reason, the competition is fierce, and it is not easy to get a link in the media.


Digital PR to maximize link building impact
Source: Pixabay

3. Internal Links For Extra Benefits

Internal links are important to backlinks, especially when you want your SEO work to succeed. Internal links are links that go from one page to another, within your own website. It can be a link from your front page to a subpage or the other way.

The purpose is to ensure easy and fast navigation on your website, both for the sake of users and search engines. Google uses internal links to discover new content, which means if you forget to link to your new site, Google will not even know it exists.

By having a strong and well-thought-out link structure, you ensure better opportunities for rankings and increase traffic to your website. Which is a big deal when you want to maximize link-building impact on your website.

The more internal links you have, the higher ranks on the page. However, it should not be exaggerated – there is no reason linking to the same page several times in one text, or in places where it does not make sense in terms of content


4. Give More Credit

Optimizing outbound links have for a long time split up opinions of the industry, as it leads traffic away from your own site. It might be a good idea to pay more attention to outbound links, as it can provide you some benefits.

Linking to other relevant content helps you strengthen topics on your own website and make the readers understand them better. Outbound links are an important part of writing content, so do not be afraid to use them and add them when it is necessary.

A good piece of advice; when you create outbound links, make sure that the link opens in a new tap – in that way you can still keep the users on your website.


5. Extraordinary Content

This is far from the most complicated thing on the list, but fundamentally important for your rankings and to maximize link-building impact on your website.

Without good content, you will not make it in the competition for top Google rankings, within your industry. Do not forget the importance of Google’s ranking parameters.

Link-worthy content is good to have on your website. In fact, you want as many of these cherished assets as possible. Of course, you should not pump out a lot of low-quality pieces of content. That does not make any sense.

Every part of the content should be extraordinary. But why is creating link-worthy content so important? There are a lot of posts published every day, which means that you must invest extra time in setting your brand apart from the competition, or no one will ever link to your content, plus the rankings on Google will suffer.

So, do it right, get awareness and then your brand will get the highest rankings. It is simple; just make your content relevant and better than all the others on the search engine. Make sure you find your niche and then promote it! When you gain the right links and descriptions, the effect will often show.


Search Engine Ratings
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1, 2, 3 Go!

Now that you have been given an insight on how to maximize link-building impact within SEO strategies, it is time to get started.

We can all agree that link building needs to be an essential and central part of your considerations if you want to achieve high rankings. But where do you start?

If you use the 5 elements above to maximize link-building impact on your website, then you should soon get an extra boost on the online rankings and visibility. You might get more traffic from other sites that your backlinks are placed on, or perhaps you will see that you get more awareness on your website, because of more internal links.

Have you never built links before? Then I really hope you are ready now and look forward to creating your first links. If you have been building links for many years, I hope that you are now inspired to try out some new things. 

It is not easy to do link building and the ways it is used will continue to evolve, so remember to keep updated.


Enjoy link building!

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